The best decorative insulation panels for walls of 2022

26 March 2022

Have you bought a new house or you want to renovate the one you own? The first thing you need to know is which are the best decorative and insulation panels for walls. With them you will join good design with no humidity. This year, the best are made by MSD Panels.

The decorative panels that we manufacturate in MSD Panels are suitable for the both the outside and inside of your home, even for upper slabs and ceilings or domes. This offers a lot of design possibilities. For example, you can extend a stone panel from outside to inside, playing with volumes and spaces.

MSD Panels does not only offer cladding in the form of panels that are beautiful, or with a broad aesthetic catalog. It is very important to us that our panels are robust, resistant, easy to install and can withstand everything, which means that they are also insulating. Our panels are easily anchored to the surface, without the need for building work or specialized personnel. This generates an air chamber between the original material and the panel that allows the house to breathe, preventing humidity from accumulating.


MSD Panels 3D Wall terraza

MSD Panels design the best decorative insulation panels for walls

In addition, the panel itself allows this breathing to occur, but protects the house from being pounded by rain or snow. In addition, unlike the original material, it does not lose its color or the characteristics of touch. We say this because if you try to put natural wood on a facade, in less than a year its color will have lightened a lot.

If you are a design and construction professional, please contact us. We will be happy to advise you and explain the technical characteristics of our decorative panels. Thank you very much for trusting us to get the best quality and price for your needs

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