The Cafeteria of the Future Opens in Guangzhou

18 May 2020

MSD Panels Stoneslikestones China Limitless Coffee Club Guanzhou

The new Limitless Coffee Club of Guangzhou in China (also known as Canton), represents a new concept of coffee shop of the future in the largest conurbation in the world, with a population of almost 49 million inhabitants, higher than that of Spain as a whole.

Its modern and surprising design fuses contemporary architecture with the spirit of the Asian people, giving great importance to details. To achieve this, our distributors in the country, StoneslikeStones China, have done an extraordinary job contributing with the installation of MSD Realistic Wall concrete panels to the creation of a unique and exclusive environment.

In a cosmopolitan city as Guangzhou itself, trends are quickly reflected and life adapts to new social circumstances very quickly. The gradual return to daily routines after periods of isolation at home has favoured the opening of this cafeteria and meeting place with all the necessary protective measures. 

For many of the young Chinese executives, who have westernised their customs, a visit to a cafeteria is an essential part of the daily routine, whether it is to pick up a cup on the way to work or to set up momentarily to work with their laptop for a few minutes between meetings. 

Style and character

The imitation of concrete, or through the different designs offered by the MSD decorative panels with cement finish, offer finishes of great personality, with texture and character. They are very lightweight decorative panels that are easy to install, cheap and can be set up without any building works. 

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MSD Stoneslikestones China - Limitless Coffee Guanzhou

Photos: StoneslikeStones China.
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