This marble faux panel is ideal for your kitchen and bathroom

27 January 2023

Thinking about redesign the walls  of your kitchen or bathroom using marble? Best think again. Marble is expensive, heavy and its hard to install. But lucky of you, there is a better, cheaper and easier way yo achieve what you desire: MSD Panels.

Nowadays, nobody installs marble as such because of all these problems. At MSD Panels we have developed decorative imitation marble panels that are identical in texture, color, look and feel. But they have several advantages that make them ideal for wet areas of the house. They are absolutely resistant to water, humidity and any external agent. They resist shocks without cracking a bit and do not require any kind of custom installation.

Our marble-finish countertops are ideal for covering the entire kitchen or just the main front. Some of our customers have used them to line the ceiling, bathtub and walls, and others just the shower wall. And you know the best part? They are as easy to install as they are to uninstall, so if in 30 years you want to redecorate, you can do it in a comfortable and cheap way. Because, in addition to all these advantages, these coatings are much cheaper than the original material.

Our marble faux panels are what you are looking for to redecorate

At MSD Panels we work directly with construction, architecture and interior design professionals. The reason is because we want to make sure that our panels are perfectly installed. So if you are thinking of carrying out an interior design work in your bathroom or kitchen, tell your technician to contact us. We will advise you without obligation and we will also tell you, depending on the intervention you are doing, what type of marbling can best suit your project. With MSD Panels you will get the marble you want at the best price and with the best quality.

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