Top Bedroom Decorating Trends Ideas

29 April 2021

Tendencias en decoración de dormitorios

Bedroom designs with big style features are all the rage. Choose your original element for a personal statement: a dramatic canopy, a large piece of artwork to use at the head of the bed, or a really special decorative paneling.

If you opt for a wrought iron canopy, select white bedding for an energetic contrast and a clean, modern aesthetic.

Another style argument is the choice to hide the desk or build a freestanding cabinet that doubles as a headboard, using a paneled wall.

Make your decorative dream come true

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These decorative panels are perfect for dividing a space, adding privacy and sound deadening, and panels that replicate natural and vintage materials are at the forefront of decorating trends.

Update the decor of your space in hours

Decorative wall panels are also ideal for children’s and teenagers’ bedrooms or rental home decor, where it’s necessary or you just feel like updating the decor without committing too much time or budget.

Fabrics such as linen and cotton are good bedding choices, and rattan, wood or wicker furniture evoke a natural feel.

Try decorating your room with different textures and complementary colors.

Touch of style without the work

To add style to a bedroom without using paint or paper, opt for an eye-catching headboard made of faux brick panels, wooden sleepers, 3D panels or hang an oversized piece of artwork.

Industrial design elements such as Edison light bulbs are no longer as fashionable and give way to furniture with rounded corners, which are all the rage.

Matching nightstand lamps have been a classic addition for years, however the 2021 trend is diffused lighting that mimics natural light to create a more serene and relaxing bedroom environment.

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