Urban Modern in Minutes with MSD Concrete Panels

10 March 2021

MSD Panels - Muros - Hormigón salón chimenea

While the use of concrete in decor, especially public spaces, is certainly not new, it is a design trend that is widely used in decorating today.

Concrete panels offer an innovative, affordable and effective way to dress up a wall. The combination of concrete and wood panels is very interesting to deepen that modern look, elegant and relaxed beauty.

MSD Realistic Wall concrete panels perfectly replicate those feelings, with the added bonus of being lightweight, durable and easy to assemble. Concrete adds an urban look to any room, and is perfectly customizable, unlike natural stone, for example.

From interior cladding to under decks and skylights that bring natural light into large rooms, concrete is no longer used exclusively in outdoor areas and provides an innovative and sophisticated image.

Natural textures

Textures are very important, and natural and unprocessed materials are very rich in them. Granite, slate, untreated wood and, above all, concrete are all the rage.

The creative possibilities that open up with the possibility of choosing between multiple finishes, tailored to the needs of the design, are endless. Temporary, adaptable, flexible, removable, is a trend. It is also easy to reuse and enrich with new creative proposals, economical and intelligent, commercially speaking.

Consult here the MSD Panels concrete panels catalog.

Photo: Muros.

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