Wall wooden ceiling panels most suitable for a house

24 September 2020

Faux wood ceiling panels are an awesome way to achieve the best home sensation. Warm, beautiful and something that your pocket will love: cheap. If you want a rustic touch or a modern one, choose MSD Panels. In this text we are going to explain you why.

We like when architects and interior designers who work with us challenge our products. The decorative wood panels we have are intended for use on walls, both interior and exterior, but recently we have been asked if they could also be placed on the ceiling.

In MSD Panels we not only manufacture and distribute the best coatings around the world, we also give all the advice that a professional may need. We explain how to adapt the assembly system to your ceiling and also the considerations that had to be taken into account with the structure of the floor.

If you need more wood ceiling ideas, pay us a phone call

The intention of the professional who contacted us was to be able to have the same imitation wood panels in ceilings and walls. The project sought to create a compact interior; something like feeling inside a box in order to be able to hold meetings in a comfortable environment that would make the attendees believe that the space itself embraced them.

If you have this same need, take a look at our catalog, choose the interior ceiling covering that best suits your needs and contact us. We will explain if it is possible to use it in your work or not. You will be choosing for your client a product of high quality, resistance and beauty, because our imitations seem real to the sight and touch. Check it out.

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