Where to buy Decorative interior wall paneling for architects

30 May 2022

Looking for profesionals who sell decorative interior wall paneling to profesionals? We are MSD Panels and we sell only the best decorative interior panels to architects and profesionals dedicated to building works.

The ideal placement of our decorative panels in the homes or businesses of your customers is an obsession for us. A large part of our business comes from people who have seen our panels somewhere, have asked questions and have ended up calling us and putting us in contact with the person in charge of their renovation. That fills us with pride, and that is also the reason why we not only sell, we also offer advice to anyone who contacts us.

Working with us is easy. On this website you will find a fabulous catalog that we renew every season. In it you will see all the types of decorative panels and coverings we work with. Once you have chosen the ones you want, you just have to contact us and we will formalize the shipment. But although this is a way to buy and acquire our products, the truth is that it is not the usual way.

panel decorativo piedra negra


The best decorative interior wall paneling. From architects to architecs

Many interior designers call us and explain their case, they tell us if they are renovating a bathroom, a kitchen or a country house. Depending on their indications, we recommend one type of panel or another. We have data on the best sellers, the ones that work best and we are also up to date with the latest news in the sector. With all this information, we recommend the perfect solution for each case. Because your success is our success.

And the same applies to stores selling decorative products and materials. We explain to the sellers what’s new and what works best. If you are interested in learning more, just contact MSD Panels without obligation.

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