3D Wall panels instalation, which are the best for me?

25 May 2020

3D Wall panels installation is as easy as the instalation of a common decorative panels, and its look on the wall of your client is amazing! If you want to reach the next level in decorative wall panels, welcome to MSD Panels

3D wall panels could be said to be the summum of good taste. They bring dynamism, life and movement to the room. At MSD Panels we collaborate with architects from all over the world. Some want a Bauhaus style for the rooms, others a renewed Neoclassical style… depending on what they want, we recommend a 3D panel or another.

The reform of interiors has changed after the confinement by the coronavirus. It may seem that it has not, but the new social distance that has to be maintained has forced to ‘rethink’ the distribution areas, entrance and exit of commercial premises and spaces where there is a high density of people.

We are referring to theatres, cinemas, museums, shopping centres… Now the desirable thing is to have two differentiated corridors, one for people to leave and another for people to enter. At a good pace and without mixing those who are going with those who are coming. And this is where our 3D wall panels come in.

To refurbish a corridor for a shopping centre, an architect called us to distribute the best decorative panels for the occasion. We recommended one of our 3D wall panels, and why? Well, precisely to reinforce the idea of continuous movement with our Sumatra panels.

paneles decorativos 3d

Sumatra 3D Panel is the best idea to generate movement in your walls

But not all 3D panels suggest this action, they also invite to relax, to move between spaces and to evade the mind. They have a special power of evocation, which is why they are so popular. A word of advice: whenever you need to renovate a large space and want to give it a special touch, an accent on a wall to express an idea or an emotion, choose our 3D decorative panels.

Remember that not only do we sell our wall coverings to everyone, we also give advice so that your refurbishment work obtains the total satisfaction of your client.

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