5 Top Design Ideas for Small Living Rooms

19 October 2020

MSD Panels hormigón horizontal natural salón

Don’t let the decoration of small spaces keep you awake! Don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of space to make decorative “miracles”. Whatever the size of your house, there is a style trick at hand to personalize your living room, for example.

White walls

White walls may seem challenging, but they make it easier for us to relax and calm down after a busy day. Choose the color white for the walls and combine it with natural wood furniture. It’s a simple way to make any small space look bigger and feel tremendously stylish.

Add color and texture details to the textile coverings of the room’s furniture and accessories: chairs, sofas, lamps, cushions, houseplants…

Modern decor

MSD Realistic Wall – Horizontal concrete panels automatically provide a relaxing atmosphere and a modern yet timeless style.

Furniture with thin stylish legs, like a coffee table or small desk, create a feeling of spaciousness because they let you see the floor and walls. Do you need a floor lamp, but don’t have an inch of horizontal space to spare? Install a nice wall light or an attractive lamp on the ceiling.

Stylish angles

It turns the irregular angles of the room into a focal point that attracts everyone’s interest, by placing, for example, a small gallery of collectibles or photographs.

Find the perfect sofa

A carefully chosen sofa can make the most of each of those precious square meters that need to be managed. When you go out looking for the ideal sofa, keep in mind that if you have it leaning against the wall, you will gain a lot of visual space.

Metallic glamour

Some metallic colored accessories will bring a touch of delicious elegance and glamour to your living room, in contrast to the sobriety of the natural colors of walls and furniture.

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