Baseboard alternatives. Check these panels out to decorate your walls!

30 July 2021

Looking for a baseboard alternative? You don’t have to use the same baseboard that people always use. They are not cool. Instead, we have a awesome selection of decorative panels that you can install in your wall from the floor to 1 meter tall.

And what to do next? Well, it’s easy, you can paint or use painted paper; and in some walls take those panels you use as baseboard and them reach the ceiling. Sounds good? So keep on reading

In MSD Panels we work for professionals, we give them advice and guidance on how to install our decorative panels, which ones can be more interesting for their customers and even provide them with solutions and ideas when they get stuck with an interior design project. One of those solutions is not to use a decorative panel for the whole wall, but for the lower part.

Decorative panels are not only used for complete interior walls. They work great as a covering for a floor slab, an exterior wall, a porch…. And they can also be used as friezes! The ideal thing about using decorative wood panels and not the original material is that they are much more resistant.

MSD Panels are the best alternatives for the classic baseboards

So if you want a frieze for your children’s room, MSD panels withstand bumps with strollers, humidity and wash much better. The interior designers who ask us for our decorative panels to use them in the lower parts of the walls usually choose white wood.

The idea is to cover up to 0.80 or 1 meter of white wood. On top, how about wallpaper? Or you can also paint white to give continuity to the frieze. How does a frieze with a stone or exposed brick finish sound? The possibilities are endless.

But this is just one of many options when decorating a room with MSD Panels. Contact us without obligation, browse our catalog and let us advise you. We also receive requests from stores, architects and decoration

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