Black And White Decor, Always In Fashion

31 May 2021

MSD Panels paneles de pared para hotel Decoración en blanco y negro

In an increasingly diverse world of overlapping trends and decorative options, black and white décor never goes out of style. A wise combination with natural woods and well-chosen lighting elements guarantees a perfect result.

White to illuminate

If the room is not very large or you prefer natural light, white walls will contribute to a feeling of greater luminosity.

A white wall provides a good canvas on which to incorporate black details, such as door frames, furniture or textiles. If you want white to be the main color of the decoration, you will create a light, serene and soft atmosphere, with a feeling of spaciousness.

In the MSD Panels decorative panel collection you can find exact reproductions of brick, wood and stone in pure white. Also in our MSD 3D Wall collections we have panels that are very easy to install, with surprising results.

Black to dazzle

If you want to accentuate the decoration with sophisticated touches, use black on one of your walls. It is very important to analyze the natural and artificial lighting that the room needs so that the result is elegant, sober and sophisticated.

We can combine with other walls in white; textiles and furniture also contribute to achieve the perfect balance. In MSD you have several models in black color that imitate wood and stone, mainly. The same in the 3D collections, where you can also achieve a luxury effect with very little effort and investment.

MSD Panels works fabulous to cover interior and exterior surfaces. Thanks to their size, walls can be clad cleanly, quickly and easily. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will be happy to help you choose the best option!

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