MSD Stone panels for walls, perfect for indoor and outdoor 

Stone panels

Our imitation stone panels for interior and exterior are better than natural stone in  terms of execution time, price and durability. Our stone panels resist water, high  temperatures and are installed without extra work. For price and quality, more and  more architects choose artificial stone panels for their buidling restorations. Whether  you are a distributor or construction professional, ask for more information.

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Rough stone

These stone coatings imitate natural ashlars. You can find these panels in different finishes. The different shapes of the stone and the different rhythms of the joints, provide a natural and stylish finish.


The range of rustic stone panels offer a rough touch and irregular joints. This design allows to combine this coating of natural and irregular character with a decoration with more rhythm, serving to break the symmetry.


The imitation rock panels make an infinite finish with a perfect texture. They are very chosen to serve as a wall for classrooms, schools, restaurants and businesses. Choose the tone and put the accent of elegance to your building redesign.

Pyrenean stone

The artificial Pyrenean stone panels are made up of finer stones, so they work better in small spaces when accentuating their size thanks to the joints and available to the blocks. These panels are very used for rooms bathed in the natural light of the day.

Stone-like strata

This decorative rustic, classic style panel imitates perfectly the traditional stone-like strata. Ideal for interiors and exteriors, it is inspired by typical stones from Galicia.

Paving stones

If you are looking for a finer finish than cracked stone panels, choose the paving stone imitation coatings. They are clearer, made of finer pieces and with a greater predominance of the joints in relation to the stones that form it.

Navarrete flake
stone panels

Navarrete flake coatings combine the best of rustic finish panels with the predominance of the horizontal joints. For reformers looking for the combination of both stones, the navarrete flake panel is the ideal.


The decorative stone masonry panels give your wall spontaneity and a rustic touch. It is one of the most bought by the distributors who choose them to exhibit in their warehouses of construction materials and building design

Flint stone

Flint stones are irregular flat stones extensively used in Asturias. This panels provide that rustic, traditional touch to the décor of any area and are perfect for façades and exteriors.

Slab stone

The remains of the carved stone are used to configure an imitation stone coating widely used outdoors, especially to configure the walls of porches and terraces. They are ideal for playing with lights. In MSD Panels we have many finishes to suit all decorative styles.

Stone panels
with lime and peble

The irregular stones that make up this imitation panel are perfect to place under them a diffuse lighting that is projected on them. Thus, a beautiful game of volumes bathed in light is achieved. Perfect for galleries, exhibition spaces and reception areas.

Cracked stone

The cracked stone coatings are perfect for high and vertical walls due to the size of their blocks. The horizontal joint is complemented by the fracture of the pieces and the irregularities of their color and tone.

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