Black stone texture panels for the facade of your house

1 September 2021

Black stone is so elegant! Am I right? It looks awesome in a facade and even in a wall inside your house. But the natural black stones are hard to install, are expensive and its maintenance its a mess. That’s why we have created the perfect imitation; cheaper and easier to use: MSD Panels.

In construction, when we talk about materials, we can always choose one of two options. The first option is to look for the original material that we want to install; for example, black slate stone for the walls, real wood for the floor of our living room… But natural materials have two tremendous problems: they are expensive and their maintenance is costly and very laborious, and if we are absent-minded and we do not treat these materials well, they become ugly, they spoil and we have to change them.

Our decorative panels are exactly like the black stone you want for your house, but cheaper!

And that’s why the wise choice is to end up choosing perfect imitation materials. At MSD Panels we are experts in decorative panels that perfectly imitate the original materials. These panels are designed to offer the same visual, aesthetic and tactile sensations as the original material, black stone in this context, but being more sensible in terms of construction.

In other words, these coatings are easier to lay, are interchangeable, do not lose their color when in contact with the sun, resist humidity and hail, and are also cheaper. And that is why builders and customers end up choosing us, because both in the long term and in the short term these panels always pay off. You can’t even imagine the number of clients who, after 10 years with their natural stone, end up changing it for our panels because of all the facilities they offer.

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