Decorative imitation brick panels: nothing but advantages!

16 December 2019

MSD Panels ladrillo brick

Traditional and timeless, brick is one of the classics in decoration. Its great versatility in wall cladding makes it compatible with any environment. MSD Panels manufactures an extensive selection of highly realistic brick decorative panels, which perfectly mimic the solid, elegant appearance of classical constructions. 

Manufactured with original wall molds, MSD Realistic Wall brick panels present the exact natural textures of the real material. They provide your design with the appearance of an authentic brick wall, with the convenience of quick, clean installation.

MSD brick

Dress your walls with this decorative panel inspired by the classic Arab brick.

Caravista brick

Compact and urban, this model faithfully reproduces the design of fair-faced bricks.

Rough brick

Based on the texture and image of the English-style brick, with this decorative panel you will be able to turn any room into a modern loft.

Multicoloured Rasilla brick

Traditionally used to cover vaults in the Levante and Catalonia, this decorative panel gives a Mediterranean touch to walls and ceilings.


The shape of the old tile, used for centuries for wall covering, is the design used in this decorative panel.

MSD Panels designs and manufactures decorative panels that mimic noble materials, Brick Panels, Stone Panels, Wood panels, Concrete Panels and appear very real. Choose your favourites.

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