Faux stone panels – ¿Interior or exterior? It´s a perfect solution anyway!

25 September 2019

Faux stone MSD Panels are a perfect solution for interior and exterior and even for a fireplace. They are cheap and easy to install. That´s the reason why a lot of designers choose them to achieve a perfect coating for all their clients, especially if what they need is a restaurant or a retail shop.We know you may be choosing between vinyl stone siding panels and faux stone panel; but think about this: with the vinyl ones you will loose something very important if we are talking about stone: its shape and sense of touch

The stone can adopt a similar configuration to that of bricks or have a natural stone appearance. Even to the touch, the roughness of the material that is imitated is very achieved with our MSD panels.

The preferred configuration options if we talk about stone panels for the exterior are either cover the entire facade, or choose a main wall to provide a special tone with this coating.

Many of the decoration and interior design professionals who contact us to request some of our stone panels use them for their clients’ porches. Imitation stone provides warmth of home and a certain sense of comfort.

Now that winter is coming, the stone, the slate and the rock embrace you evoking the feeling of being inside grandma’s, but with a powerful modern and design touch.

panel piedra interior casa

Faux stone MSD panels are much better than vinyl stone siding panels

In the case of hospitality premises, these imitation stone panels are chosen for their high resistance to shocks, high temperatures and stains, being able to wash very easily and being very simple to replace them with others when it is necessary to change the style of the bar or restaurant .

If you are interested in buying imitation stone panels for your projects, just let us know!.

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