How long can faux wood panels be exposed to weather?

27 September 2019

Will rain damage MSD wood panels? How long can you leave faux wood panels exposed to weather? If you choose MSD Panels for your building projects, worry not, they won’t be damaged by the rain or cold. They resist no matter the weather, even the sun!Faux wood panels made by MSD are the best solution to achieve a perfect coating outdoor. The are hard and very resistant. We made them to not suffer when it rains, so you don’t have to worry years after the installation.

At MSD Panels, we work directly with professionals who, when they are looking for exterior and facade panels, need a solution that works for their clients. Our faux wood exterior cladding achieves just that, reducing the cost of installation, maintenance and the material itself in the construction site.

Our panels prepared with a material that mimics wood are widely used to cover large areas, to cover the walls of a porch and also as a cover element for the facade of the pool house, for example. In MSD Panels we not only sell our panels to architects, builders and contractors, we also give advice for their placement, maintenance and selection, because we do not want you to only buy us a set of decorative panels, but also count on us for all your construction.

panel imitacion madera para exterior

Trust in MSD faux wood panels. We are the best and cheapest because they resist everything

Choosing poor quality wood panels when moisture is very present is not a good idea, nor if the wood is authentic and not well treated. What needs to be done in these situations is to choose a material that supports all weather conditions, especially since, sometimes you do not even have future access to the affected facade and after placing the wooden panels, you do not know if they can be cleaned or replaced later.

If you are interested in our special exterior wood imitation panels just can contact us and let yourself be advised. We will be happy to recommend the best facade panels for you including all the advice you need.

In addition to wood-finished panels, we also have them made of natural stone imitation or if you prefer, you can also check our catalog.

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