How to cover and update a brick wall outside and inside

30 November 2020

Do you have ins your house a brick wall you want to cover and update? It doesnt’ matter if it is outside or inside, you can transform that old fashioned wall with our MSD Panels. Here is the first tip: why not try with a rustic style?

The best option, the most economical and highest quality to achieve a rustic style is to choose decorative panels and anchor them to the wall. We can do this whether we are talking about exterior or interior walls, but only if you choose MSD Panels, because of their finish, they perfectly resist all weather conditions; both rain and sun or blows caused by hail or other external agents.

Besides, when we talk about rustic style, we are actually opening the range to a tremendous set of ideas. Using decorative panels, we can give the wall a wood, cement, stone or even brick appearance, but with the tone that interests us most. These panels go to dry joint and are easy to install, so you have another advantage: you can change them if, after years, you decide to change the appearance of that wall.

MSD Panels MUROS White rough brick - Perriam - New Zealand

How to cover a brick wall with a rustic touch

When it comes to choosing which panel or set of panels to choose, there are usually two main options. The first one is: decorate all the walls with the same panel or cover only one to give it a special touch. You can also combine several panels, it all depends on the style you want to give to the space.

Underneath these panels will still be that old wall, but well protected and covered. That is why our coatings are not only used to cover the old brick walls, but also those that are very attacked by humidity or covered with that horrible droplet that was so fashionable years ago. In MSD Panels we work only with professionals, contact us without obligation.

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