How to make a narrow hallway appear wider? With MSD Panels!

14 June 2021

‘How to decorate a narrow, dark hallway’, you ask? The answer is MSD Panels. Changing the materials the hallway has been done, and decorating a bit, will change de shape of the whole hallway. Let us explain you what you have to do.

If you have small children at home, you won’t need Feng Shui or an interior designer to understand this, because they will explain it to you by saying: “mom, dad, I’m afraid to go to the bathroom at night by myself”. And this is not something that can be corrected with mirrors. The ideal is to look for a combination of MSD Panels decorative panels with pictures and light points specifically designed to give more sense of space.

Try not to make your child more afraid of the hallway than going to the dentist! One of the main reasons why the hallway can generate fear or anxiety is monotony. If you just paint the wall, the hallway will seem longer, narrower and more cramped. However, if you choose decorative panels in imitation stone, wood or brick, there will be more differentiated areas. Thus, the eye will stop in those spaces and limit the feeling of ‘infinite space’.

como decorar pasillos estrechos con paneles decorativos

How to make a small hallway look brighter with MSD Panels

MSD Panels are decorative panels that perfectly mimic the material they imitate, both in shape, joints, texture and roughness. This means that when light falls on them, it generates shadows and shapes. This also helps to make each area of the hallway feel totally different.

To make the most of the hallway and take away the ‘bad feeling’ that comes from being so long, place frames with photos and decorative prints. Try to make the frames different from each other and create an interesting composition between them. You can also place a small shelf and place decorative figurines or even a doll that your child likes. Try all these tips and you will have a wonderful hallway.

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