MSD Realistic Wall: Technically Perfect

7 September 2020

MSD Panels Realistic Wall

MSD Realistic Wall panels are manufactured in Spain with resin and fiberglass and printed with natural pigments. They are light weighted and resistant: reproduce wood, stone, brick and many other amazing finishes with great realism.

MSD Panels has the perfect solution for the new project you have in mind. Their panels adapt like a glove to spaces of any size; outside or inside; at home or in commercial, service or hotel establishments. The limit is set by your imagination.

Brick panels

The antique inspired brick walls are the protagonists of fashionable decorative styles, such as the modern home, vintage rustic and industrial. MSD brick panels reproduce natural materials in detail, including imperfections, roughness and the attractive and decorative patina provided by the passage of time.

This type of visual cladding enriches an environment with personality, durability and style.

Wood panels

MSD Realistic Wall wood panels help create a warm, simple but effective environment that is completely natural and welcoming.

They complete different styles with a natural touch or rustic background, from the most traditional to the minimalist or eclectic urban.

As a decorative proposal, the walls covered with wood panels help to connect interior and exterior with a plus of texture, great realism and lasting colors.

Stone panels

If you are looking for an innovative environment, a stone wall brings a sense of combined energy, strength and well-being.

MSD stone panels offer multiple possibilities, from natural colors that absolutely imitate nature to customized tones that facilitate the creation of sophisticated and unique spaces.

Concrete Panels

The sober appearance, color and texture of the concrete have made it the star of the industrial style. The advantages of using decorative panels that perfectly imitate these characteristics are evident.

MSD imitation concrete panels are ideal to complete a modern, sophisticated and elegant style. In the decoration of public and professional spaces, concrete projects a consistent and attractive image.

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