New State-of-the-Art Commercial Spaces

27 July 2020

Our distributors around the world specialize in projects tailored to customer needs. They know that each design is unique and exclusive, which is why they offer a personalised service that is very close to the philosophy of the premises to be refurbished.

They project individually for each commercial premise, office, restaurant… There are infinite types of business in which they carry out construction, reform and contemporary decoration works.

MSD Panels are adapted to this philosophy of customized spaces, which produces an original, unique, homogeneous and very active trend.
If you are looking for an innovative environment, a stone wall or a good choice of red brick, in its many possibilities of colors and textures, may be the key.

If you lean towards natural colors, MSD Realistic Wall stone panels enrich your project with a very natural warmth; if you are looking for sophistication or minimalism, you can opt for many other colors and even create your own custom color palette. Everything is possible!

Stone walls

MSD stone panels walls have always been linked to the rustic and classic style, although more and more styles are taking into account the strength of the stone in the decorative proposal.

The design of the rustic stone panel imitates the traditional way of interspersing slabs or flat stones with large blocks of stone to make walls.

Solid brick panels

Traditional and timeless, the MSD Rough brick panels are one of the classics in wall covering. Its great versatility makes it compatible with any decoration.

Photo: Muros

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