Scandinavian style decorative trends 2019

1 July 2019

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Elegant, bright, practical and natural. If you want your home to shine with touches of light and freshness, Scandinavian design will be your accomplice this season.

For many years decorative ideas have flowed out from northern Europe to the rest of the world, and this current of constant creativity has no sign of disappearing in the near future. This is reflected in the specialized publications and international design awards that are held annually in the main trending capitals of the world.

The Scandinavian style is built on minimalist and functional aesthetics.

These are the main lines that stand out in 2019:

Colours and materials

  • Balanced combination of colours and materials. Less is still more.
  • Furniture, side tables and storage elements, as decorative objects. Clothes racks, cupboards and closets are incorporated as a design element.
  • A piece with character will serve to mark the personality of the design: better if it combines smooth and rounded lines with corners at wide angles.
  • Bright blue spread over some (just a few) strategically placed objects, unifies the environment in completely white interiors.

Natural elements

  • The artificial animal skin look for some details: carpets, sofa blankets or upholstered chairs.
  • Natural elements added to the design, which make the entire ensemble much more interesting and lighten the visual environment: fashionable motifs with patterned feathers or the same feathers, reproduced in different materials, on metal sculptures, on tableware, textiles, curtains, cushions, carpets…
  • Light shades of grey on the finishings and floorings are trendy again.
  • Reserve a space in your home just for yourself, free of technological connections: a sanctuary to rest your senses.
  • Monochrome art: very useful for rounding off the Scandinavian style, considering that colour is, for lovers of this style, the materialization of pure sensitivity.
  • Connect with nature: use coverings somewhere in your personal space that help you evoke its rustic beauty, like wood or stone.
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