The best decorative wall panels for a loft, brick or stone?

15 January 2020

Looking for interior wall paneling design ideas for your brand new loft? Because of famous and popular films and tv shows like Friends, one of our dreams has always been live in a loft with bricks or stone as walls, right? That´s why many interior designer and arquitects contact us in order to know which of all of our MSD Panels are the most suitable for their clients.Nowadays, a loft is not just a big and open flat with no walls; it´s a concepto, a way of thinking the house. A kitchen with no separation with the living room has a loft-heart that can be enhanced with a pretty and powerful brick or stone panel. The key is just generate conections between spaces and use our decorative panels to join both of them.

Regarding decorative panels, there is an unwritten rule that says that the more square meters the room has, the more grateful it is to have a material with personality on the walls. If we have a small bathroom, it is best to choose a faux wood cladding, for example, that has fine and serene lines, but if we are talking about a loft room, a decorative panel of stone and brick is sensational.

El mejor panel de piedra-ladrillo viejo para un loft

Check out our modern wall panels for a loft. Our loft wall ideas will conquer your heart

The great thing about coating with them one or several walls with these decorative finishes is that the whole area will gain personality and strength. If you also choose the lights of the space well, you will check the homely touch that gives the last hours of the day, when you reduce the intensity of the lighting and you sit on the sofa with a book, a movie or something to drink and relax. One tip is to combine these decorative brick imitation panels with sturdy window frames and this is the partition you review.

To choose the perfect panel for you, we invite you to contact us. MSD Panels is on the professional side. We have a lot of experience advising what is best for each project, and we will be happy to offer you our help and our products.

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