The best moisture resistant panelling for the walls to repair a damaged wall

26 March 2020

Do you have a wall damaged by moisture? Lots of arquitects and decorators uses our waterproof wall panels for basement, kitchens and bathroom. First of all, of course, you need to fix the wall and clean the humidity. After that, it´s MSD Panels time!

It doesn´t matter if we are talking of wall with humidity in an office or a home. They could be:

  • Humidity due to Condensation: humidity caused by the house not sweating or expelling water or humidity that accumulates inside.
  • Humidity due to filtration: this is the typical humidity that enters your home due to a broken pipe or the filtration of a water channel that is not part of your home.
  • Moisture by capillarity: this is the moisture that rises through the interstices and pores of the construction materials until it appears at the bottom of a wall.

When humidity appears, it must always be repaired, counteract the penetration of humidity and then repair the wall. When it is time to do the latter, there are usually two options: either we paint or we cover. The solution that always works best is the latter because, in addition, we can give a new touch to our room.

MSD Panels offers the best moisture resistant panelling for the walls

The advantages of choosing our coatings for this task, to begin with, is that we can advise you according to the humidity that has been produced. We will also advise you on which material is most suitable for the room in question.

MSD Panels is a company that distributes imitation decorative panels worldwide, we are accustomed to working with the most demanding professionals, so we can give you the best advice. Our panels are anchored comfortably and without the need for building work, so they are perfect for this type of renovation and interior repair. Contact us and ask for a price without obligation.


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