Transform your façade with decorative panels

18 November 2019

MSD Paneles Fachada

Providing new life to the façade of your home, business or second home is less complicated than it may seem at first. MSD Realistic Wall decorative panels, designed and manufactured in Spain by MSD Panels, add interest to the focal point of a building, providing new colour, texture and presence.

A wall covered with elegant panels that mimic natural stone, in contrast to the outer walls, may be sufficient to obtain that differential result. Have your house stand out from the rest and looking like it is newly built. 

Modify the appearance of balconies, stairs, access to garages or patio coverings. Use a specialist to choose the most appropriate type of panel for the effect and final design you want to achieve.

More than 170 different panels

The range of colours and textures that MSD Panels puts at your disposal is very extensive. More than 170 different customizable panels to choose from in our virtual catalogues. And with the help of our experts.

Interior and exterior coatings are better than natural stone for completion time, price and durability. MSD Realistic Wall imitation stone panels resist water, high temperatures and are installed without masonry work. 

For all these reasons, more and more architects choose artificial stone panels for their projects. Whether you are a distributor or a building professional, ask us for more information. Contact our technical team and receive the necessary guidance for your personal or professional projects.

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