Wall covering options for a garage, basements, bathrooms. The best ones!

26 November 2020

There are a lot of options in terms of wall covering for garages, basements, bathrooms… But, which ones are the best, the cheapest and the most durable? Today we are going to solve this question

PVC, decorative panels or adhesive elements?

Of these three options, the best of all, in terms of price and quality of finishes, is to opt for decorative panels; and we do not say this because at MSD Panels we are experts in their manufacture, distribution and sale, but because it is the truth.

A decorative panel is an effective solution against humidity, solar radiation and the attack of other agents. Unlike working with the original material, our panels are perfectly treated. The PVC is damaged by the sun and the adhesive comes off, but our panels can withstand anything.

Our coatings are anchored to the wall without the need for building work, in a very comfortable way and without specialized personnel. They are perfect for both exterior and interior use. But they are not only great as a functional solution, but also as an aesthetic resource.

Revestimientos de pared - ¿PVC, Paneles decorativos o adhesivos?

The best wall covering option is MSD Panel, for sure!

At MSD Panels we work for professionals, and they do not choose our panels by chance, but to reform, to change the tone of the environment around them and to rehabilitate with style. We say this because if you see the texture and quality of our materials live, you will believe they are the real thing. Virgarities can be achieved with our well applied wood, cement or brick panels. When you thought that you were just going to cover, you realize that you have just redecorated.

To find out which is the best decorative panel for you, you can consult our catalog or contact us. We work for professionals, and that means not only selling the best panels, but also offering top advice and great design ideas.

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