Which 3D decorative panels choose? Peel and stick, self adhesive? Bricks, woods?

15 January 2020

3D bricks decorative panels, wood wall panels, self adhesive, peel and stick… There are lots of 3D wall panels, and all of them are perfect for one or other situation, but if you want an elegant panel, durable, with personality and easy to install, trust in MSD Panels.

The last installation we have helped with our MSD 3D Wall has been in the reception of an online marketing company. They wanted a vibrant area that had movement, character and energy, so that when the meeting was held to choose a marketing strategy, that is, for the client’s website to ‘move’ over the internet, that idea would have already penetrated through the decoration. Therefore, we recommend the 3D Komodo panel, consisting of blocks that blend together, distorting their edges. Look at the picture, don’t you think they move as if they were floating on a fluid?

Komodo 3D panel is perfect for an entrance

Another very interesting challenge arose when a designer wanted to design a corridor for a museum, and he needed it to have a rhythm, to invite him to move forward through it. Analyzing the area, we point out the one we thought was perfect: our Thailand Saddle Brown panel. The interesting thing about this piece is that the geometry of its imitation wood pieces emulate the angle of the Asian pagodas. Being the eminently horizontal tables, the sensation and invitation of movement and transit desired is achieved.

Thailand Saddle Brown are pure movement

As you can see, the grace of our 3D panels is how they take advantage of their inherent dynamism to generate suggestions, both for mobility through a space and more psychological ones. In counterpoint to the game of angles of our Thailand Saddle Brown and Komodo, we recommend another one that invites you to make an interior trip: Sumatra Nacre, it is even hypnotic, don’t you think? It is especially attractive for use in offices, clinics, but also in a bathroom. A couple of years ago we checked how well it was installed in a shower, because it reminds of the waves of the sea.

Travel to your inner thoughts with our Sumatra Nacre

These are just three of the many 3D panels that can be used for walls in your projects. The interior designers with whom we collaborate are delighted with them, because they manage to transform a bland space into something special, something memorable. If you need more decorating ideas, ask us without obligation, in MSD Panels we work for you.

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