Bedrooms of the future with 3D wall panels

5 August 2019

MSD Panels 3D Komodo Chrome

While science and technology have many innovative and fascinating applications, the bedroom of the future that people really want is the one that benefits their health and well-being and brings together aesthetic characteristics that combine perfectly with their individual personality.

Can you imagine a bed that recognizes when you are ready to fall asleep? The bed of the future will get ready to receive us, providing us with the optimal comfort and temperature, in addition to regulating humidity and controlling allergens in the environment to provide us with the perfect rest environment and a restful night’s sleep.

Tomorrow’s bedrooms will offer convenience; favour an optimal state of mind and offer safety and comfort. No matter how many other new activities we do in our other rooms: our most personal space will remain our most private shelter.

New technological advances will facilitate interaction with all the elements in the room, from the walls to the bathroom mirror; the reuse of natural resources such as water and, ultimately, elements that seek to adapt the space to the taste of those using it. Science is also working on interactive windows and interactive floors.

An individual style

New finishes will also be very important, since the tendency is to apply an individual style to décor, personalizing finishes, like this bedroom which is the canvas for the MSD 3D Wall Komodo Chrome panel installation, with a truly unique and exclusive effect.

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