Waterproof paneling for shower walls? These are the best options for you

31 July 2019

Waterproof paneling for shower walls is the best option for covering all your bathroom. Your client wants a shower wall panel that look like tile? Maybe a stone shower wall panel? In MSD we have them all.

Showe vall panels that look like tile? Solid Surface? We have them. Before there was only one option when covering a bathroom: tiling. The typical idea to apply was: use of rectified pieces to have a wall without joints, a white beveled wall with small tile or the placement of a decorated valance decorated by a meter and a half to give it a special touch.

But the laying of tiles is already outdated, it takes too much time to work and you have to spend a lot, a lot of material. The finish sometimes gives problems in solving difficult geometries or when you have to cut the pieces to fit, it leaves a somewhat ugly joint. The solution to all this is to buy our MSD decorative panels for installation.

Choose our laminated shower and tub wall panels for your work

Take a look at our catalog and you will discover all the waterproof panels we have for you for bathrooms and showers. You can offer textures, color or fantasy to the walls of your customers with cheaper coatings, easier placement and that will distinguish you from the competition.

In MSD Panels we work directly with installers, technicians and suppliers, giving advice and explaining how to use our coatings to achieve the best results. In addition to aesthetics, our panels are highly resistant. So much so that they even resist the monthly baths of your dogs.

laminated shower and tub wall panels


Check out our laminated shower wall panels!

There are two strategies that are usually the most used in these cases. The first is to use a single type of wood finish panel for the entire surface, choosing yellow lights to generate a homely, calm and serene feeling. The other is to prefer a lining panel other than the shower area to frame and differentiate it. Depending on the dimensions of your client’s bathroom or shower and according to their interests, we will be happy to advise you.

Because with MSD Panels you not only gain access to an immense collection of wall finishes, you also get a partner specialized in the design of interior and exterior spaces.

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