Decorate Wall Panels Your Way

9 December 2019

MSD Vinoteca Stoneslikestones

Is it possible to decorate wall panels? Yes, it’s possible! You can renovate the most special room in your home or business with decorative panels and add the lighting, storage and design details that you like the most.

Place some beautiful cabinets in your cellar or wine vault with an old stone effect and in no time at all, it will look as if they have been dug out of the wall itself, ideal for holding Christmas celebrations… Is it possible? Of course, MSD Panels has an extensive catalogue of mould-manufactured panels built on the design of the originals. 

One of the basics to consider is to avoid visual exuberance. Very colourful elements should occupy their own space, at some distance from each other. 

It is an excellent idea to combine neutral coloured panels, such as those of light-coloured Brick, Concrete or White castilian chipped stone. In such cases, we can place wrought iron lighting fixtures above, for example. Imitation chipped stone cladding is lighter, with finer pieces and with greater predominance of the joints in relation to the stones that form it.

Dark panels are also very suitable for highlighting colour elements within them, such as flowers or plants, and even artificial lighting fixtures. This result can be obtained, for example, with Anthracite Navarrete Stone and Walnut plywood panels.

MSD Realistic Wall panels stand out for their strength. It is possible to hang shelves on them, which provide an interesting and very practical effect. And even create our own shelves, as shown in the image of this wine cellar presented by StoneslikeStones, our distributors in Germany.

Which room in your home or business would you decorate with MSD panels?

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