Faux flagstone panels for exterior and indoors, just the best

27 July 2020

Choosing flagstone as your faux stone panels for exterior is a better idea than selecting vinyl stone siding panels; and not only for the price but for the quality and warrantry. Here in MSD Panels we are experts in faux flagstone panels. Ask for more info.

Flagstone is one of the most attractive stones for interior decoration. It has character, voice and presence. Its irregularity gives power to an interior space, so it is perfect when we want to decorate a large space, an office, a reception or a wall that we want to carry the weight of the room. The question is: how do I get interior decoration based on slab stone at the best price?

We offer you several options. One of them is to contact a stone company, contact an installer and do it. But there is another, much cheaper option that offers better results, especially in the long term: using decorative panels. MSD Panels is a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of decorative panels, and one of our star products is imitation stone cladding.

Our decorative panels are not only cheaper than the stone itself, their installation is much easier, but if we focus on the advantages for interior decoration, using decorative panels offers control, forecast and preview. Slate works because of its irregularity, but we cannot guess how it will look when put in place. With decorative panels this is possible. Our specialists have mastered the irregularity of the material to create panels of pure design, which transform the chaos of the stone into a powerful virtue.

MSD Panels, the best prices for faux flagstone panels

One of the advantages of using these coatings is that you will be able to show them and validate the final finish previously with your client, without surprises at the time of delivery or installation. As is always the case with interior design works, ensuring deadlines is important. Faux stone decorative panels are installed in record time and are much easier to maintain and clean than the original.

Please contact us so that we can talk to you about prices and how to get the best coverings to obtain an interior decoration of 10 out of 10.

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