How do you beautify a concrete block exterior wall?

30 January 2023

A concret block exterior wall is an awesome idea. It’s perfect against humidy and high temperatures, but its not beautiful. You can paint it, but, are there better ideas to beautify it? Yes, there are. Check out how to make it perfect with MSD Panels.

There are several solutions. The most obvious is to paint or install a natural stone finish. The problem with the first option is that the options are not very attractive and will not always match the style of the house. A white finish is not at all long-lasting and the first dampness or stains that appear on the wall will be too noticeable. Stone is not bad, but this idea is very expensive. In addition, stone is a natural element, so it will become ugly over time, will have cracks and brings extra weight to the facade that is unnecessary.

Beautify your exterior concrete block wall with MSD Panels

Therefore, the ideal solution is to have MSD decorative panels. The interesting thing about these for exterior facades, in addition to its price or perfect finish, is that they do not weigh too much and will help your facade to respond better as thermal insulation. The panels are fixed to the wall leaving a space that works as an air chamber for it to breathe, and that helps a lot. In addition, these panels are imitation. That means that they are designed so that their color, appearance and texture will not change if they are exposed to sun, rain or hail.

And you know what wonderful door this opens? Well, you can not only think about decorating that cinder block wall with faux stone, but also with wood. That will give it a natural touch like an ideal country cottage. Combining the colors in a precise way, you will achieve spectacular results. Feel free to browse our catalog and contact us. We will be happy to advise you.

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