How to choose the best custom shower paneling system?

31 July 2019

Custom shower wall panels sold by MSD Panels offers you a huge variety of faux tile shower wall panels, laminated and solid surface ones as well. But, how can we choose the best ones for our clients?

Decorative cladding panels are the best option. They can be used both to change the old bathroom tiles and use them only for the shower tray area. MSD panels are placed without labor, quickly and are very economical. You will get great results by reducing costs and execution time. Now you just have to decide which ones to choose.

Here it is for tastes, but the usual thing is to choose between one of two basic design ideas: either that is the same paneling of the whole bathroom, so we will choose panels with a simple, continuous and non-touch finish, or well we will use a special coating only for the shower. In the latter case, we can get a little more creative.


We help you find the best custom shower wall panels for you

In this second case we suggest you use our 3D panels. The truth is that you get great finishes with them. Especially those that are white but form a wave texture. You can combine LEDs placed on the top of the shower with our 3D coatings so that your most demanding clients get fabulous toilet spaces.

This is just one of many recommendations. MSD Panels supplies and sells only to construction and interior design professionals. If you have a budding project you can contact us, we will advise you and we will serve you the panels you need. Thank you very much for choosing us.

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