How to Clean Your Wall Panels Easy and Quickly

28 September 2020

MSD Panels cocina ladrillo caravista

One of the main questions that arise before choosing a new wall covering is maintenance. How do you clean a decorative panel? Well, quickly and easily, without any special products. A great advantage!

What is necessary are elements that we usually use when cleaning our home or work space.

The most effective solution is a mixture of water and pH-neutral soap, such as that used for washing dishes. The cleaning should be done with a brush, because the surface of the panel has a texture, a cloth or a sponge do not slide properly and would end up breaking. This application of the cleaning brush is done in a circular direction. The pressure of the movements is indifferent, because unlike natural stone, MSD Panels do not scratch.

The paneled walls of the kitchen can be dirtied by oil, also barbecues and their surrounding area, in addition to the rooms where we usually eat. An effective resource for cleaning this type of stain is talcum powder. A good amount is applied to the top of the dirty places and left to react for a few hours, or even a day. If when removing the talcum powder not all the dirt has been removed, we repeat the process.

Paints and stains are generally more difficult to remove and the solution is to repaint the panel with the original colors. This is because resin finishes do not admit aggressive chemicals such as solvents or acetone for cleaning.

When the surface to be treated is large and we do not have enough time to apply talcum powder or clean with a brush, we can use pressurized water cleaners. With this type of tools, the stains are quickly eliminated and in addition the beauty of the panel is not worn out, since its colors are printed.

Decorate your home with wall panels and take advantage of their benefits, since with any of these simple home tricks, there will be no stain that will resist you!

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