How to decorate walls without paint or nails?

30 December 2020

Here we have the best ideas to cover walls without painting. If you dont want to the same of everyone else, don’t paint nor hang pictures on the wall, use our MSD Panels to achieve new sensations in your living room, bathroom or any place you have in mind:

In MSD Panels we always recommend this option to the architects, reformers and interior designers we work with: use decorative panels of wood, cement, stone or brick. Depending on which one you choose and which finish, a world of possibilities will open up to you.

For example, one of the most chosen options is to cover an entire wall with decorative brick panels, then hang small shelves with pots to add a natural touch. Another option, more cosmopolitan, is to cover a wall with an imitation cement coating with a rough touch. This will give your wall a lot of strength, but also a special touch.

MSD Panels White loft brick apartment

MSD Panels is the best idea to decorate walls without painting

Buy a big picture with a powerful frame, don’t hang it, but support it against the wall on the floor. If we are talking about a bathroom, and it is small, using decorative panels with light wood finishes, will give you a peace that you can’t even imagine. To finish off, add a strip of LED on the top or bottom of the wall, to project a dim ambient light.

Our stone wall coverings are also great for giving a rustic touch to your home. The interesting thing about this panel its not only just its color or shape, but also its three-dimensionality. If you have a large window that projects a good light, you will be amazed at the effect that clarity achieves on your new wall. We hope these ideas have helped you. If you need more ways to decorate an unpainted wall, and go for something different, you know where to find us.

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