I.T Blue Block, an avant-garde fashion store concept

19 November 2018

Alung Wong and his team have participated with the MSD Realistic Wall concrete panels in the installation of I.T Blue Block, a new fashion shop concept that is a cutting-edge, style event among the young executives of Shenzen, the technological capital of China.

Our distributors in Shanghai have completed the urban look designed for this important mall, close to the Internet hub of Shenzen. This megaurbe, located 17 km north of Hong Kong, was a humble town just four decades ago. Today it is a global technological hub, the headquarters of great telecommunications giants, the third busiest port in the world and one of the cities with the most millionaires on the planet.

Alung Wong’s team has demonstrated the extraordinary speed, precision and efficiency with which the MSD Realistic Wall concrete panels are placed by expert hands. The result is an avant-garde space, ideal for one of the flagship stores of this innovative multi-brand store.

The vertical concrete panels, which imitate material worn and exposed to the elements, are the ideal coating to frame a unique and immersive shopping experience, in which fashion is part of a personal attitude and a concrete lifestyle.

The new I.T mall combines areas of clothing and trends, food and beverages, household items, shoes and accessories, among others. The different spaces converge in a unique atmosphere of harmony and contrasts, where a new leisure concept for shopping awaits customers.

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