Modern and white kitchen ideas. How to leverage an elegant space

26 January 2023

Thinking of redesigning your kitchen? What is trendy now is white, especially if we are talking about kitchens. Here we have the best ideas to have an elegant and white kitchen with low budget. One tip: MSD Panels

Whether we are talking about a large kitchen or a small one, the most interesting thing to do is to use a combination of several decorative panels in white tones to obtain a very special configuration. Because we can keep the white touch, but why not use a white stone wall finish for one of them?, how about an exposed brick one with a white finish for another?

That’s the key to it all, getting that touch of modernity through the textures, the different materials and how they connect with each other. The interesting thing about a kitchen is that there are usually many small spaces on the same wall. By having so much furniture spread out, we have to see how we treat those gaps, and with these finishes we will achieve sensational experiences.

paneles decorativos para cocinas

The best modern and white kitchens are made with MSD Panels

And the same applies to clean partitions. It’s amazing how a wall that is white brick looks in that situation. The texture gives warmth and character to the room, while the white keeps it in harmony with the rest of the decor. The problem is that resorting to the original material is expensive, it’s a hassle on a construction site and it doesn’t always look as good as it looks. That’s why decorative panels exist. At MSD Paneles we have helped many interior designers to achieve these same effects with decorative panels.

The aesthetic result is identical, but, unlike the original material, it resists heat, humidity and has a perfect, comfortable and easy cleaning.

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