Entrance door panelling design – This is how you get the best!

1 October 2022

Do you want to have an awesome entrance door panelling design? The best way to get the best of it is using MSD Panels. Our decorative panels may be used to design an invisible door; you know what we mean, a door that is within the wall. Let us explain you how to do it.

In MSD Panels we have decorative panels with an infinite number of finishes: stone, wood, brick… The interesting thing about decorative panels is that they are easy to install on the upper slab, on a wall or in a exterior facade. What this means is that, by using them, it is easy to generate those marvelous continuities on the entire facing.

There are two ways to think of these paneling to conceal entrances. The first is from scratch, that is, at the moment we are designing. This is the easiest way to approach this installation because the finish will be perfect and integrated. However, there is also no problem with doing it the other way: during a restoration, reform or rehabilitation. Decorative panels are lightweight, can be installed without the need for building work and can even be interchanged by using anchors. Therefore, they can also be easily placed in the desired location. Our favorites for this are wood panels.

paneles para puertas invisibles de entrada

MSD Panels provides you the panels you need for the best entrance door panelling design

This decorative trick is not only used in residences, but especially in commercial premises. With this technique you can conceal the access doors to the toilets. You can create a block with a wood finish inside the establishment and make the doors invisible. This way you can create a much more pleasant space by hiding these wet areas.

If you are interested in achieving this effect, please contact us. We work directly with architects and interior designers, so we can advise you to achieve the best result for your client. Thank you very much for choosing us.

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