Trendy wall decor 2022 – Modern wall decor panels that you need for your house

7 March 2022

Which are the most trendy wall decor of 2022? Modern wall decor panels have become the best option to cover your walls; inside and outside. With a huge variety of colors, textures and materials, MSD Panels hit the trends!

So why modern wall decor panels are trendy in 2022? Easy, because they sum up what is most needed this year: a good price and design. That’s why all architects are choosing MSD Panels for their building works or renovations

One of the most interesting aspects of having decorative panels for cladding is that we can alternate several different ones, try original design ideas and even have the same panel cover a slab, a floor or whatever is needed. Due to their very high resistance to humidity, light and impact, the ease of cleaning and installation, and the fact that they weigh less than the original material, you can achieve outstanding results.

Tendencias en decoración de dormitorios

MSD Panels means trendy wall decor 2022, discover why!

Depending on the type of customer, true works of art are being achieved by combining wood and stone cladding. The great thing is that the appearance of these panels is like the original material, so you get an identical feeling with a plus of design, but at a better price and with greater durability. All the maintenance that you have to do to the wood, you forget, because with these panels is no longer necessary.

We are MSD, the world’s leading company in the sale of decorative panels for professionals. We work directly with architects, interior designers and decorators, giving them advice, training and selling them the best decorative panels for all their projects. So far in 2022, the facade cladding panels we are most requested are a combination of stone and wood finish panels.

So if you are a design or construction professional, contact us. We will advise you and provide you with the best panels for you and your clients.


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