3D Panels to Stand Out in New Commercial Projects

30 December 2020

MSD Panels 3D Wall Magnolia Jasmine Rice

The façade of the new flagship shop of the iconic Farmers stores in New Zealand looks just as beautiful after the installation by our fellow distributors in that country, Muros.

The 3D Magnolia Thailand Jasmine Rice panels were used, as these photographs show, to complete a large commercial design project that leaves no one indifferent.

Order, calm and tranquillity. This is what the regular and constant forms of our Thailand panel transmit.

A design that bears a great resemblance to the profiles of the pagodas, the famous Buddhist temples characteristic of Southeast Asia.

Light-weight panels

The MSD 3D Wall panels give your renovation that touch of design and differentiation that you are looking for. They are manufactured with SMC, offering light-weight and resistance, which allows us to offer 10 years of guarantee for all our panels.

Installing them is as simple as leveling, applying the adhesive and installing. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and you can customize their colour to suit any project.

Access here the complete range of 3D products that MSD Panels manufactures.

Customized finishing

All MSD decorative 3D wall panels can be customized by applying a coat of paint. It is also possible to obtain more spectacular finishes that imitate any type of texture, using our hydro-printing service.

If you are a distributor, find out how to get them into your business.

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