6 Home Decor Trends Coming Up in 2021

31 December 2020

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Home decoration evolves, like everything else. And although the biggest changes are noticeable over long periods of time, there are new trends that will accompany us in 2021 and others that we already appreciate at the time and are coming back with a vengeance to convey well-being and security in our daily lives.

Comfort and tradition

As a result of everything that happened in 2020, people are spending much more time at home and need to add functionality to their space and at the same time make it more welcoming.

We are looking for comfortable sofas and armchairs, which invite you to curl up, watch a series or read a good book.

Bold colours

Until the middle of the 20th century, houses were decorated with bold colour palettes. At this special time in our lives, families live centred on their home, so they may want to radically transform their surroundings, even to recreate environments that are now more occasionally accessed than before, such as restaurants, spas or hotels.

These changes must be undertaken with a good preliminary study, since the colour chosen can radically transform the sensations caused by a space. Intense colours in bedrooms or offices can influence our mood when we try to work or sleep.

Light-toned woods

The trend of light tones in furniture is the result of love for minimalism, inspired by Scandinavian and Japanese decoration. MSD Realistic Wall wood panels on the walls reinforce the feeling of natural comfort, rusticity and spaciousness.

If you follow this trend, it does not matter if you prefer Scandinavian or rustic style: when choosing furniture, lean towards lighter-toned woods instead of dark woods, metal or lacquer pieces.

Grand millennial style

The grand millennial style combines modern design with decoration that could perfectly represent the aesthetics of our grandparents’ homes: from cottage decor elements to crochet, this fashion was growing in 2020 and will be strengthened in 2021.

We seek relief from the uncertainty of the present in the serene traditions of the past, their aesthetics and timelessness, as well as a more affordable price and more ecological applications.

Take advantage of the flea markets and almond shops to find unique items that can transform your home.

Back to the 80’s

Although the traditional will triumph this year, the aesthetics of modernity associated with the 80’s will also be popular.

Angled shapes, glass and stone materials, as well as Art Deco are the keys to this retro style.

The colors and furniture you choose for a room can give it an immediate eighties appeal. Opt for high-contrast color combinations such as black and gold, or soft palettes including mauves and powdered pink.

Natural look

Instead of choosing a futuristic decoration, the new decoration insists on choosing more natural-looking materials. Spaces that reproduce the charms of nature have a calming and creative effect on those who live in them.

The superimposition of textures and the intelligent choice of coverings, furniture and other decorative elements contribute to the creation of a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, without losing sight of style.

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