Add Colorful Beauty To Your Red Brick Walls

26 May 2021

MSD Panels decorar paredes de ladrillo rojo

Walls decorated with red rough brick panels are beautiful and it is well worth showing off their extraordinary character in all its splendor.

We recommend some ideas to multiply their appeal.

Add a splash of color

Bold, brightly colored artwork and furniture make a brick wall stand out that much more. And the best part? You only need one interesting piece to catch the eye.

Wood decorations

To emphasize the natural element of brick, surround it with even more nature. Incorporate decorative wood accessories such as picture frames, bookshelves, stairs, headboards or side tables. And to frame the environment, use your favorite plants.

Graffiti effect

Feel like you need to add a little more punch to the wall? That’s where paint comes in. Not only will it give the wall a totally different look, but it will also give the room a totally different finish.

By using vintage colors or images we will achieve a more classic style. Or, to achieve a more groundbreaking look, you can whitewash the entire wall or paint it in a color out of the ordinary. Even more daring: use the brick-paneled wall to reflect your graffiti artist skills.

A word of advice: don’t make the decision to paint lightly. You should do some prep work before you start, because once the paint adheres to the brick it is difficult to remove. Go ahead with your decorative project!

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