Add Value to Your Home with a Small Investment

15 February 2021

MSD Hormigón gris cocina

Wall panels make it possible to renovate and update a space quickly and with minimal maintenance, which increases the value of the home with a reduced investment.

Today we offer you some of the most important advantages of installing decorative panels.

Hide wall imperfections

One of the most relevant qualities of this type of decorative panels is that they are water resistant and serve to solve the ugly appearance of dampness, imperfections and unevenness of old walls.

After a proper cleaning of the damaged surface, the installation of decorative panels is done in a very short time, with the possibility of a large number of finishes and a very satisfactory result.

Alternative to tiles

Are you discouraged by the renovation of a wallpapered room or a tiled bathroom because of the work to be done, with the consequent inconvenience of dust, dirt, and not being able to access the room for days? MSD Panels are a great alternative to tiles and a fantastic opportunity to renew the decoration of a house without headaches in terms of masonry time or budget required.

The installation of MSD Realistic Wall panels is very simple, as they are lightweight panels that cover a large surface area in record time. As for the MSD 3D Wall panels, they are very easy to install by ourselves, as they are applied by simply placing them on the wall or surface to be decorated with a light pressure gesture.

Color and design

These decorative wall coverings are also available in a wide variety of colors, styles and designs.

Whether you need all-white panels for a small room in your home or you need to decorate a large company lobby or shopping mall, it’s easy to find the perfect wall covering to dress up your project in MSD’s catalogs or our panel finder.

Multipurpose efficiency

The versatility of these panels makes them suitable not only for redecorating rooms, but also for completing improvements related to the comfort of your home.

For example, they can be used to protect the front of the kitchen and prevent damage to the wall most exposed to splashes; in the installation of a double ceiling that hides the air conditioning system or in the beautification of a fireplace; or in the renovation of a facade or a garage, with the result that it will increase the value of your home before a possible sale or as an improvement of an investment.

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