Bathroom Renovation with Decorative Panels

29 January 2021

The bathroom is one of the home spaces in which the traces of the passage of time and fashions are more evident. It is also one of the rooms where we are most reluctant to start renovating, especially when it comes to changing the tiling on the walls, due to the nature of the hard work and the discomfort and dirtiness caused by the interventions usually required to replace the coverings.

A quick solution, without works and at a more economical cost is the installation of decorative panels such as MSD Panels on your walls. And you don’t need any building work or permits, as they are screwed directly onto your existing wall, without the need to remove the previous tiling.

Customizable panels

Whatever your style is, you will find it reflected in the wide range of MSD Panels that imitate to the smallest detail the natural appearance of brick, wood or stone, as well as other attractive materials such as concrete or mosaic. In case you don’t find a panel that fits your decor, you can always customize it with a coat of paint and get the color and finish that best suits your bathroom.

MSD Panels products are water resistant and specially designed to repel moisture, so you can integrate them in the shower area without any problem and with the ten-year warranty offered by MSD Panels.

Contact us and get a new bathroom sooner than you think!

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