Stunning Curved Designs with Flexible Wall Panels

25 May 2020

MSD paredes curvas

The polyester resin and fiberglass wall coverings manufactured by MSD Panels in La Rioja (Spain) are highly flexible panels, which allow for extreme bending radii. This characteristic makes it easy to apply to curved walls and vaults in any type of environment and with the desired final touch.

The panels are presented in plates measuring (approx) 1.30 m high by 3.30 m long and the thickness varies depending on the relief of the design, 0.5 cm being the thinnest.

Developed to achieve great levels of adaptability, they allow to give answer to a more and more demanding market that looks for differentiation in its designs. Its two main components are resin, a material that provides flexibility, and fiberglass, which is responsible for the great resistance and excellent performance of these panels.

Decorative panels in curved walls

The panels are screwed directly to the surface. If we didn’t have a support where to anchor them, we would have to create it with profiles or special sections. This structure could be made of aluminium, steel, wood or iron.

It is preferable to start by mounting one side and continue to the other end of the panel, so that the adaptation to the surface is correct.

In case the curve is very pronounced and we cannot get the desired curvature, we’ll have to increase the temperature of the panel. To achieve the increase of degrees we can help ourselves with a blowtorch or simply leave the panel a few minutes in the sun.

Observe the process of installation of a MSD panel vault in this video.

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