Industrial interior wall panels – The best ideas with a Bauhaus touch

28 May 2020

You can obtain an industrial touch in your living room or your kitchen, no matter which of our decorative panels you choose, it’s just up to your imagination. If you need a guideline, just follow the principles of Bauhaus.

The Bauhaus is an architectural school created by Walter Gropius in 1919. Not only was architecture taught, but it was a type of university dedicated to a very particular type of design, one that welcomed sculptors, painters and also architects. If you want to impress your home with the principles of Bauhaus, you can use our decorative panels.

Fine lines, industrial touches, elegance and minimal decoration. These ideas coming from the Bauhaus were carried out by Walter Gropius and the very well known Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe, one of the most influential architects of the last century. At MSD Panels, as designers and manufacturers, we have also been influenced by this school of design. Among our panels you will find imitation stone coverings that follow these ideals.

Our industrial decorative panels are Bauhaus style and perfect for you

In other words, for the Bauhaus, the forms that are created have to make the function reach its maximum use, quality and splendour. If we talk about decorative panels, what we mean is that those panels have to make a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom or an exterior surface, be everything it has to be.

In the case of Bauhaus style imitation stone panels, we are talking about coverings whose shapes respect their function. If the living room is to create comfort and seclusion, the stone we choose for our panels will support it; and the same can be said of the bathroom or kitchen.

We are pleased that, thanks to our MSD Panels, architects, decorators and interior designers who work with us are able to bring the idea of the Bauhaus to life in their works: form follows function. Remember that at MSD Panels we not only distribute our panels all over the world, we also give all the advice you need. Thank you very much for choosing us.

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