Decorative wall panels for kitchen – Best ideas for wall paneling

24 October 2019

Looking for kitchen wall covering materials or ideas for paneling the whole area?. Don’t use plastic sheeting for kitchen walls but MSD Panels. In this article you will find useful ideas to achieve a wonderful kitchen for your client.

Our commercial kitchen wall panels are perfect imitation of wood, concrete, stone and bricks. We also have the innovative 3D panels that simulates the motion and flow of nature. All are water and heat resistant, so choose the most suited for your construction work based on your tastes.

Wood decorative panels for walls

Choosing a decorative wooden panel from MSD Panels for your kitchen is to choose a coating solution that is resistant to moisture and high temperatures, easy to clean and looking like real wood. A wooden panel has a lot of character and strength. Some of our reformers choose them to provide energy with an ‘unused’ partition in which they put pots and other natural elements. That way you get a very special distinction.

Stone decorative panels for kitchen

Stone panels, such as wood or brick, have joints, which can be covered or concealed if desired. Many interior designers find beauty in that meeting, because it can make the space accentuate on the vertical or horizontal axis.

Playing well with this element you can give your kitchen a greater sense of space or height. The gray and ocher tones of the stones give a lot of play to combine them with the pieces of furniture chosen, being able to provide both a rustic and elegant touch.

Concrete decorative panels for kitchen

Decorative concrete panels are one of the most chosen options for the lining of a kitchen. They work very well both to cover all vertical walls and for a single wall. Many of our interior designers choose one of our concrete panels to use as a front of the cooking space.

Our coatings are easy to clean, and the imperfections of the material know how to capture the lights and shadows of the fire to get an industrial, vintage, retro or future looking kitchen. It all depends on the rest of the elements you choose as decoration. If you need advice, you can ask us all your questions.

The best brick imitation panels for walls

Decorative brick panels are one of our favorites. If you have a spacious kitchen or one that is open to the living room, the bricks are a perfect option to connect both spaces. Raising a brick wall is expensive, takes a long time and involves a lot of dirt. With the decorative panels you will get a much faster, cheaper, more comfortable result and providing the same sensations as a conventional brick wall.

paneles decorativos 3d


And why not trying our 3D panels?

To finish with this article, the last of the types of decorative panels that you can choose for your client’s kitchen is the MSD 3D Wall range. We call them that because their design mimics the movement of a wave or the stripes of the Sumatran tigers going beyond the imitation of a material. Check our catalog and be surprised.

We know that the variety of options we propose can be overwhelming. Therefore, we invite you to contact us and we will explain what is the best option for that project you have in mind.

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