Which faux stone panels with a natural look are the best?

29 October 2019

Choosing stone wall panels for your client’s walls means choosing elegance with a bit of nature. MSD Panels is the number one especialized in faux stone panels. They all look like real stone. Selecting our covering for your building works is the best for your budget and for the quality of your project.

As follow, you will find a selection of our best decorative stone wall paneling with a natural look. They are all suitable for indoor and exterior.

Faux stone masonry panels

This coating offers a lot of warmth. It reinforces the rustic touch of a room or serves to achieve an effective contrast with more modern elements used in the decoration of the space in which it is installed. It is ideal for use in a kitchen, in a cafeteria or to cover the exterior of the walls of your client’s chalet.


Imitation wall stone panels

This decorative panel is widely used in exhibition areas, museums, wineries and even galleries. It is a resounding, irregular and very strong finish, so it is perfect to place a light under the floor that throws lighting upwards creating an absorbent, intimate and very attractive atmosphere.



Faux pyrenean stone panels for exterior and indoor

The fine and horizontal stone of the Pyrenean stone panels give a space serenity and highlight its breadth. This is one of the linings that we serve the most interior designers who have the mission of redesigning first-class restaurants. Also for the terraces of these premises.



Rough stone effect wall tiles

The most interesting thing about these panels is how both their boards and their pieces make beautiful games between the irregular and the regular, between the rustic and the elegant. We have these panels in different finishes, so they are perfect to adapt to any architectural work.



White faux stone with a natural touch

Specifically, we invite you to take a look at the panel of slab stones in white finish. If you are looking for a stone panel with an irregular finish that is perfect for a vintage or Nordic decoration or interior design, these are the panels you have to choose.


You can find these stone panels and the rest in our catalog. Remember that in MSD Panels we are on the professional side, that’s why we not only sell, we also offer personalized advice. We serve throughout the world.

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