Enjoy your Fireplace with Decorative Panels

14 September 2020

The days are beginning to shorten and autumn is approaching. How can we fight the cold of the new season? The best solution to do it with style, without a doubt, is a fireplace.

Years ago, having a fireplace was not within everyone’s reach. Not only because of its high price, but also because of the need for space to install flue pipes. The most common were wood chimneys for villas or houses in rural environments. Today, however, there are many models at very affordable prices, which can be installed on any floor. The question is, how to integrate them into the decoration?

The simplest and quickest answer is the decorative panels. Besides, you will not have anything to worry about when placing them near the fire and heat. MSD Realistic Wall panels are very resistant to thermal shocks and high temperatures and are available in a fireproof version (Bs3, d0).

The styling possibilities are enormous. It all depends on you, your tastes and the environment you want to recreate. If you are one of those who bet on the most traditional, White castillian chipped stone panels are a sure bet. You will frame your fireplace with stone ashlars. If you want to give them a different look, leave part of the wall uncoated and paint it in a strong color, such as red, blue or purple.

Following the stone options but breaking with the symmetry and uniformity of the ashlars, panels like Rustic stone in various colors allow us to bring the rustic to a more modern style. A great idea is to combine them with vegetable decorative elements, giving them a natural and more welcoming touch.

Without leaving the rustic, but softening it, we can use Natural mosaic panels. A more cheerful panel, which is very well suited to spaces designed for family celebrations and to bring together friends, such as dining rooms or picnic areas.

The fireplaces also fit perfectly in industrial styles. A living room with our Rough brick panels is a tribute to the New York of the 1950s.

Finally, who said that the fireplace has to cover only one of the walls? If you have the necessary space, you can consider placing it on a stone column in the middle of the room, for example with Earth-coloured stone-like strata, which contrasts strongly with white walls.

Dare to be different and make your dream come true.

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