How to Renovate your Terrace without Building Works

5 March 2021

MSD Panels 3D Wall terraza

Spring is just around the corner! If you are lucky enough to live in a house with a terrace, patio or balcony, you were probably looking forward to this moment. Enjoy again your breakfasts and dinners outdoors, reading a good book or those gatherings with friends for the good times of the weekend.

The new trends in terrace design for 2021 are largely inspired by those of interior design. High quality materials and modern lines will be the fashionable protagonists in the coming months.

Auxiliary furniture  such as cupboards to conveniently store textile items on the terrace; comfortable and practical pieces, such as L-shaped sofas, will make you fall in love.

Above all, a trend of great impact: the externalization of the decoration of the interior of the house: for example, with matching carpets, paintings, and so on. All this, also incorporating an abundance of creative touches and DIY accessories, made with our own hands.

Enjoying the outdoors

MSD 3D Wall panels help us prepare the perfect space to house all the renovation ideas we’ve been maturing over the long, hard winter.

Level and set, that’s how easy it is to install them! Thanks to their square size, 83.3 x 83.3 cm, they are very easy to handle. In three simple steps you can have your room completely renovated and with a unique look.

In addition, they are so resistant and unalterable that you can place them not only on the outdoor terrace or in wet areas, but also in the bathroom or kitchen, with incredible results.

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