MSD Panels in the Harley Davidson showroom

22 July 2019

Harley Davidson showroom

When the legendary motorcycle company Harley Davidson decided to open a new showroom in a recently constructed building, after 23 years at its previous location, it found the need to reproduce in its newly opened facilities, the unique and differentiating environment that represents the quality and history of the world’s most iconic motorcycles.

To reconstruct such a characteristic and exciting Harley experience, the design of this new showroom space recreates the atmosphere of an old British gentlemen’s club, with leather Chesterfield sofas and retro lighting. 

In order to reproduce and immortalise sensations of classic, exclusive and vintage quality, our distributors in the United Kingdom Vtec Group Ltd covered their walls with MSD Realistic Wall Loft Solid Brick, to create this atmosphere of warmth and character.

MSD panels with real material textures help obtain this design outcome with great ease, as they are very quick to install, customizable and resistant.

Harley Davidson showroom

MSD Panels achieve these authentic textures by obtaining the moulds of real walls and taking care of the paintwork and finishes down to the last detail, with natural pigments making them virtually indistinguishable from the original.

Ten-year warranty

MSD panels not only faithfully reproduce nature’s materials on wall finishings: they are also distinguished by their quality and resistance, resulting in a ten-year product warranty. For these and other reasons, they are the most favoured by the best professional distributors, architects and interior designers from around the world.

Harley Davidson showroom

Harley Davidson showroom

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